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We understand that people like to be around people like themselves. So we create inclusive, collaborative communities of like-minded people doing exciting things. We work really hard to bring together the right talent, energy and resources to create an environment in which you feel inspired and are successful, because your workspace should be more than just a place you go to work.

We do things differently.
We insist on our workspaces being in the City centre – so you can walk or cycle or get the bus to them (and your kid’s school, the shops, hairdresser, favourite coffee shop…you get our drift). We are investing mucho Euros in buying an amazing building. So if it looks like a shed on a faceless edge-of-town business park it won’t be one of ours. It’s just not our thing. We tailor the workspace to suit your needs, from co-working, to full-time desks, private offices and board rooms. And to make sure you don’t spend all your time at your desk we wrap them around a lounge area, cool kitchen, shared resources, event space and meeting rooms. We believe you should have fun at work. So we throw in a good dose social events, beers and pizza on a Friday – just to end the week on a high. Because to be productive, you sometimes need time out.

We have chosen to locate in the heart of Waterford City, on Patrick St, Close to all amenities, Parks, and lots of other offices. It’s easy to find, so you clients can call in whenever they are in the City. Lots of regional towns have vibrant entrepreneurial clusters and we’ve proved that many more ambitious businesses will locate in regional towns if inspiring workspaces like us exist.

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